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De ce varicose ven. Sinonimele și antonimele varicose veins în dicționarul de sinonime Engleză

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In women and men, we made a statistical analysis of the average age, the presence of thrombosis, varices, atherosclerosis, and other complications, and also dietary considerations. We present a detailed observation of a thirty-two year old woman, who died following massive pulmonary embolism, the source of which was thrombosis of the ovarian and pelvic veins.

  1. So, in most cases the varicose veins are inherited.
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  5. Venele de varicoase pelvice i naterea

We learned that this woman, who did not smoke, and whose liver was slightly affected, had, for three years, been taking an uninterrupted course of the contraceptive pill Non-Ovlon. The average age of victims was 70 years for women and 66 for men.

The deaths of 12 men and 13 women under 50 years old were studied in greater detail. In this group the cause of death was massive embolism of the pulmonary artery accompanied by deep thrombosis of the legs. The greatest differences were found in the degree of sclerosis of the arteries.

Înțelesul "varicose veins" în dicționarul Engleză

A year-old obese, nonsmoking woman originally consulted for intolerable back pains. About 8 days later she was hospitalized and died.

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The autopsy revealed a massive and acute pulmonary embolism with vast hemorrhagic infarcts. Thrombosis of the veins was discovered to be the source of the embolism.

Microscopic examination also disclosed a venous thrombosis in the ovaries.

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A proliferation of elastic tissue and a visible thickening of the intima were seen in the arteries, as well as a dilatation of the durere în picioare varicoza interioara vessels.

There was no indication of thrombophlebitis in the leg veins. The medical history showed that the woman had been taking an oral contraceptive De ce varicose ven for the past 3 years and continued doing so until the day before her death.

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The woman's gynecologist stated that 4 months before her death a routine liver examination was slightly positive and the patient was advised to discontinue her combined OC Non-Ovlon for 3 months. The woman felt well and disregarded the advice. Non-Ovlon contains 1 mg of norethisterone acetate and.

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